Are You Thinking Of Bathroom Remodeling?

bathroom remodelingAre you considering a bathroom remodel? Perhaps you want to improve the functionality of your home or you need a bigger bathroom. Maybe you would like to have a second sink or you wish to have a little more privacy when two individuals are in the bathroom at the same time? Do you want to make your bathroom safer or more accessible to those who have disabilities? You may also be considering this kind of project because you would like to add a shower, a whirlpool tub, a linen closet, a little change in your home, or maybe you want to prepare your home before it is put up for sale in the market?

These are all excellent reasons to remodel a bathroom. And the reason for the bathroom remodel Myrtle Beach will determine the alterations you create. Your budget would likewise be a crucial factor in determining how you will make changes to your bathroom. However, there are some other things you have to consider in your plans.

Factors To Consider Before A Bathroom Remodeling

Do you wish to stay in your home as you grow older? If yes, then you may want to plan to add bathroom features that would make it safer. Should you get higher toilets? How about stepping into bathtub so you can take a shower?

Will someone who has a disability be able to use the new bathroom? How can you arrange the fixtures so that you can easily move around the bathroom and you can easily use the fixtures? Do you have to plane for space for those who are on a wheelchair? Should you lower down the vanity or must you use different sinks?

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Pro Tips When Hiring A Contractor

home remodelIf you are looking for a general contractor for your home remodel, here are a few tips to help you get started.

Obtain Recommendations

Begin with your family and friends and then consult with the National Association of the Remodeling Industry for a list of their members who are located in your area. You could also get in touch with a building inspector, who has a good idea of the home remodeling contractors who always meet building code requirements. You should also visit lumberyards in your area as they constantly see contractors and knows very well who buys quality materials and also pays their bills in a timely manner.

Do Phone Interviews

When you have created a list, you should call all your prospective general contractors and as them the following:

  • Do you take on projects with a size such as my project?
  • Are you willing to give financial references from banks or suppliers?
  • Can you provide me a list of your past clients?
  • How many other projects will they have at the same ?
  • How long have they been working with their subcontractors?

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Hiring A Contractor For Your Home Improvement Projects

home improvementsAre you planning some home improvements like renovating a basement or perhaps adding a room? If yes then you have to find a good contractor because a failed project will definitely cost you. A good advert is not proof that the contractor offers quality work. You need to find out yourself. Check with neighbors, friends, or co-workers who may have had renovations or home repairs done at their home. You also have to check the contractor’s reputation on trustworthy websites. You need to ask for a written estimate from different firms and always keeping in mind that the contractor who offers the lowest bid may not always be the best choice. You also have to familiarize yourself with the most common indications of a scam.

Find A Pro For Your Home Improvements

Searching For A Contractor

Depending on how complex or big your home improvements, you may need to hire a:

  • General contractor
  • Architect
  • Specialty contractor
  • Design/build contractor

Do Your Research

Be sure to check with your neighbors, friends, or coworkers who may have used a general contractor in the past. If possible, ask if you can check the work done by the contractor and inquire about their experience working with the expert. Check out the sites that you trust. Find out if other people have had similar experiences, whether good or bad. You should also check the online reputation of the contractor by looking for the name of the company and add words like rip off, complaint, or scam. You should also know how long they have been in business and don’t forget to verify their qualifications such as their license.

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The Ultimate Guide To Planning Home Improvements

home improvementsStarting home improvements could be overwhelming especially if you have done one before and you were unable, for some reason, to complete it. Regardless of the project, the renovation will most likely involve several details that could easily make everything seem more daunting. Use the steps provided below when planning your home remodel. These will help you in ordering, prioritizing, and building a detailed home project plan that would not only make sure that you stay on your budget and on schedule but also reduce your stress level throughout the whole process.

Home Improvement Planning

Create a Detailed Project Plan

The first thing you have to do is to create a plan that will clearly state the objective of your home remodel. It should include designing inspiration as well as an outline of the job that needs to be completed. The project plan must include a list of your needs and wants for your home, sketches of your desired finished project, and project steps that need the help of a professional like Keystone General Contracting and those that don’t. You should create your project plan six to twelve months before you start the actual renovation.

Set A Budget

The next thing you have to do when planning home improvements Myrtle Beach is to set a budget. It must include the cost for building materials and permits, labor, decorations, as well as cosmetic touches. To create a budget, you have to determine how much you are willing to spend and finalize the financing. You should also set aside a minimum of 10% for unexpected costs. You should ask for cost estimates from experts and be sure to price out all of the materials you need. In case the cost estimates exceed your budget, go back to your home improvement plan. Determine and get rid of the elements that are at the bottom of your priority list.

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Choosing A General Contractor For Your Remodel Project

general contractorThere are simple steps you can take when you are choosing a general contractor who will head up your home remodel project.

Ask for Referrals

Word of mouth, is by far, the best method of finding a qualified general contractor to take on the job. You should ask friends, relatives, and neighbors who they have good experiences with. You need to know what made it a good experience for them, what methods did the contractor use to handle problems and if he or she would hire the contractor again.

Check the Credentials

Once you have the recommendations, the next thing you have to do is conduct preliminary research. It could be a phone call or a visit the website of the contractor. Determine if he or she holds all of the needed licenses from the local and state municipalities together with designations from any professional organizations like the National Kitchen & Bath Association, the National Association of the Remodeling Industry and the National Association of Homebuilders. Search for contractors who have passed extensive tests and invested in course work to obtain certain certifications. However, you need to be aware that not all types of certifications are created equally. Carry out your research and identify the requirements.

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Top Home Remodel Tips This Fall

home remodelThe hot summer days are passing by and as it happens, mother nature is redecorating itself for the upcoming cold weather. As Fall draws near, Americans are taking a closer look at the interior of their houses. When you redecorate at this time of the year, you should think about warm colours such as brown shades and rich red tints that will remind you of the autumn leaves as well as the Christmases that are celebrated around the fireside. Listed below are some great home remodel tips you need to know

Make A Good First Impression

Amaze your neighbors and friends with a beautiful new front door. When picked and installed properly by the right contractor, a brand new front door could add more value for a relatively low cost. Go out of the box and make unusual choices that will best represent your personality. You should also complement your brand new door by adding a fresh floor rug for your hall. Play with different bright colors that will make sure that you give your family a warm welcome after a long day at school or the office.

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Planning Is Important, Never Compromise

home remodel contractorIf there is one area where you can never comprise when it comes to home remodelling, it is with the countertops. After spending thousand in buying the best countertop there is in the market, homeowners are never told that they require some sort of support for the countertop overhands. They may have been told about it but not until the home remodel contractor showed up to install the counter or when the countertop maker shows up to run the templates. This will significantly limit the ability of the homeowner to choose his or her desired solution to support their chosen countertops.

Plan Ahead With the Help Of A Home Remodel Contractor

The support brackets are not just simple ornamental wood corbels or shelf brackets. A countertop overhang plays a crucial role and the best countertop brackets are made to take on the load of the overhang. These kinds of brackets constitute the kitchen’s hardware and must be chosen as such. You can’t choose them at a local store or from brick and mortar stores since they are not available there. The countertop brackets that are needed to support the stone counter are made specifically for that purpose and are usually made to order. In case it is in stock, it still has to be shipped to the place where it will be installed.

Therefore, time is essential when it comes to choosing the best countertop support bracket. Homeowners will be asked months before they need the item. They will be asked what kind of handles and knobs they wish to have on their cabinets. Don’t wait until the week before the schedule to install them to inquire what kind of countertop support is needed. The answer is going to quite simple. Nobody is sure as to who is responsible for specifying the need for supports. The home remodel contractor Myrtle Beach usually tells the countertop fabricator, who might also refer to the countertop installer. Basically, they may also address the problem with limited knowledge of the requirements.

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Reasons To Do Home Improvements

home improvementsThere are many reasons why homeowners do home improvement and in most cases, these projects are time consuming. They are, on the hand, worth all the time and energy that you put into them and when done right, you will appreciate the end result. Home improvements involves changing your home.

Why Do Home Improvements?

The interior and exterior of your home could go through renovations. Improving the value and beauty of your house is just one of the many reasons why you need to do certain improvements. These projects can also help in fixing damages in your house. Making your house safer or adding more space to it are some of the other reasons why you should embark on Myrtle Beach home improvements.

Some of the kinds of improvements carried out to make your house more attractive are projects that are focused on interior design. These projects include wallpapering and painting the walls or adding new floors, or maybe updating your windows and doors. You could add style and beauty to house through these improvements. They can be as minor as replacing a blown light bulb or as big as renovating your house after a disaster.

Home renovations prices could change immensely and in most cases it depends on the contractor you’re working with like Keystone General Contracting. A common home improvement that’s done is altering the bathrooms or kitchen of a house. Some homes might not have the cabinet space they require and therefore need to install more cabinets to accommodate their needs. A few improvements may also include upgrading to more functional and elegant fixtures in the kitchen or bathroom.

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Choosing A Reliable Contractor For Your Home Remodel

home remodelYou have lived in your house for several years now and it is starting to show its age. Maybe your home no longer satisfies your needs. However, you don’t want to move out of your home, leave your neighbourhood, or to live away from your family or friends. So, instead of moving away, you decide to have a home remodel. Finding a trustworthy and reliable contractor is the first thing that you have to do. The next one is to pay close attention to what the contractor is doing. Remember that this is your house and your money. You don’t want to be wasting any of them so be sure to stay on top of your project.

Finding A Pro For Your Home Remodel

Before you start reaching out to contractors, you need to know what kind of work you want to be conducted. This might sound obvious, however, several homeowners try to hire one contractor to do a wide range of renovations, which is generally not a good idea at all.

Then you should try to ask homeowners in your neighbourhood for references. You might naturally turn to family members and friends but why don’t you ask your neighbors as well? If you know someone in your neighbourhood had a recent home improvement and you liked the end result then go and ask them who did the work and if they are satisfied with the final product. Most homeowners will instantly share their opinion of home remodel contractors especially if they liked how things have turned out.

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Liven Up Your Bathroom With These 3 Simple Tips

bathroom remodelYou can give your bathroom a whole new look without having to go through an extensive bathroom remodel. Your home’s second most valuable area, next to the kitchen, is the bathroom. An improvements you make to your bathroom will boost the value of your home.

Simple Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Replace The Vanity Tops

The first thing you have to do is to switch off the water supply and then disconnect the vanity faucet. Take out the vanity top, which is usually glued down to the vanity cabinet. When it has been removed, install the new vanity top by gluing down the top of the new one to the existing cabinet. Don’t forget to put the bath and the tub caulk the around the back and then the sides to give it a clean and finished look.

Replace The Faucet

Since you still have the old vanity top off, this is if you still want to change the faucet. It will make it much easier to install with the top side turned upside down. Allow your water connection hoses to hang down so it can be hooked up at the shut off valves right after the installation of the vanity top.

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