6 Home Addition Tips That Skips The Hassle

room additionWhen you’ve finally made up your mind about building that new room addition that took you months of deliberation, congratulations because you’re in the right track. As you might have encountered while doing some research, there are a few gray areas that a lot of homeowners worry about. What will the process be like? How will the construction fair? How long will the entire process take? And, how much will it all cost me?

There are some questions that hold back a lot of people on building a room addition Myrtle Beach. Although there is a valid reason to be concerned about the entire endeavor, it’s not something that you should lose sleep over. To point you to the right direction and to take out the hassle in the equation of building a room addition, here are some easy to follow tips:

Plan for the costs ahead

It’s hard to put an exact price tag on your project, particularly as the options of building are without limit. Doing some research beforehand is necessary. If you want to build with specific materials, looking into how much they would cost prior to your build will save you a lot of time later on. Ask yourself some questions. Will plumbing be needed? How will the electric work be? Will this home remodel project requires a new roof? These are a few questions that you’ll be asking yourself that will save you a lot of time when you get to actually build the home addition. Take some time to sit back and think about the possibilities and options to take.

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5 Improvements For Your Next Bathroom Remodeling Project

bathroom remodelA bathroom remodel will boost the value of your home, update its style, and even makes it much better adapted to your needs. Renovations are the perfect time to introduce upgrades that will serve you as well as your family in the coming years. In case you are spending money for a bathroom remodel, you should consider at least one of these essential bathroom improvements.

The Toilet

When it comes to upgrading the toilet, you should consider getting the hidden tank toilet. It saves spaces, plus the low flow models can help save water whenever you flush. It is a good choice that can boost the value of your home following a bathroom remodel. They work well with different bathroom designs and they fit perfectly with contemporary and modern décors.

Tiles On Shower Floor

When you are taking on a bathroom remodel Myrtle Beach, you can choose from countless flooring, wall, as well as tile choices. The tiles on the shower floor is essential to the user’s safety. Small and textured shower tiles are highly recommended. You will also lessen the risk of slipping whenever the floor becomes wet and soapy with the help of texture and extra grouting. Many of today’s bathroom tiles are quite easy to clean and they are also resistant to stains, humidity, and mold.

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Top 10 Home Renovations With The Best ROI

home remodelIn case you’re considering to sell your house, you may also be thinking about some home remodel. It seems sensible that changing outdated features, worn carpets, and dingy appliances should boost your home’s value. However, you still have other options. There are remodeling projects that have a poor return on investments, and there are others that will not impress potential buyers in case you sell your home eventually. But these don’t mean you should not make any changes. If you believe that you will be staying in your home for some time, then by all means proceed, and remodel your house so you can enjoy your property more. Otherwise, if you plan to renovate because you want to improve your home’s resale value, concentrate on the projects that provide the best ROI.


Every year, Remodeling Magazine performs a cost versus value analysis to know which among the 29 projects provides the best ROI. One of the projects that topped the list in the previous years is attic insulation. It is a costly project that could be performed for no more than $1,500 and an estimated ROI of 108%. Additionally, it is a great investment whether or not you plan to sell. Anything that can reduce the cost of owning a home and makes your house more cost-effective is always a smart choice.

Garage Door

In terms of upscale renovations, Remodeling Magazine said that changing the garage door provides the best ROI. You can expect to regain as much as 85% of the project’s cost. Although a new garage door can assist in selling a house, homeowners have to be smart about what type of garage door should be installed.

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How To Start A Home Remodeling Project

home remodelAs a homeowner, you will eventually join the millions of people who have decided to give their abode a makeover. Perhaps when that time comes, you have realized that harvest gold and avocado green are no longer considered “trendy” for today’s modern kitchens. Or perhaps you want to add another bathroom to your home. Whatever your reasons are, it is important to know how to have a successful home remodel.

Some of the most common home remodeling projects include:

  • Adding extra space
  • Upgrading appliances, cabinets, counters, and fixtures
  • Creating a customized floor plan
  • Improving energy efficiency with the addition of new doors, windows, insulation, as well as climate control systems
  • Boosting your home’s resale value

Getting Started

The first thing you have to do is to know what you want to do with your home remodel. Create a list of what you want and what you need. There are several sources to look for design ideas for your desired home improvement project. Check out websites and magazines or collect photos of homes or renovation projects that you like. You need to have a clear vision of your desired project and make sure have it fully detailed on paper. This will help you be prepared to make decisions as you go through your project.

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