Things To Consider Before Remodeling Your Kitchen

kitchen remodelingA kitchen remodeling project is a huge undertaking and one that needs careful planning. In case you are considering this project, there are a few things you need to take into account before you proceed with your remodeling plans.

If you are done gathering samples, ideas, and information or perhaps in the initial stages of checking out your space and determining what you have to do, it is a good idea to take a step back and consider the bigger picture of a kitchen renovation.

The Cost

It might not be exciting to think about it but the cost of a Myrtle Beach kitchen remodel can be a significant expense. Sure, you would want your kitchen to look great but you also do not want it to be extremely expensive.

Important considerations:

  • Call a local realtor for advice on the value of your home and how much a kitchen renovation could add to your home’s overall value.
  • Check out different kitchen and remodeling magazines for budgeting tips.
  • Look for a possible home equity loan.
  • Explore possible financing options for appliances and cabinetry.
  • Find ways to cut costs by doing some of the work yourself.

To Add or Not To Add

You need space when remodeling your kitchen. You have to weigh the cost of the extra space versus saving the cash you will spend on the renovation or using that money to buy quality cabinets or appliances.

Important Considerations

  • Determine your true goal for remodeling your kitchen.
  • Check adjoining rooms for space that you can use
  • Talk to an architect or certified kitchen planner and get their ideas.

Existing Layout

Many kitchen professionals including Keystone General Contracting agree that one good way to cut costs on a kitchen remodel is to retain the current layout of the kitchen. That does not meant that all new cabinets must be installed in the same place where the old ones used to be installed. You can also cut costs by keeping major systems like gas, electric, heating, and plumbing in their original places. Changing the layout could mean additional expenses like:

  • Extra water lines for dishwashers, sinks, icemakers, as well as refrigerators
  • Upgrading ducts and vents
  • Rerouting the ductwork for heating and air conditioning
  • Upgrading wiring

Appliance Size and Style

Kitchen appliances are available in different sizes. If you want a huge commercial range, you need to know that its weight may need additional construction to brace the floor underneath the new appliance. . Special installations may also be required for appliances and custom cabinets such as a range hood, cooktops, warming drawer, microwave ovens, and refrigerator or dishwasher drawers.

Brightening Up

An excellent lighting plan can make a huge difference between a spectacular and an ordinary kitchen remodel. If you only have a small window over the sink or two ceiling lights, then it might be time to upgrade your lighting system.

Important Considerations:

  • Replace old doors and windows with more attractive and newer ones to allow more light to get in.
  • Consider recessed lighting, pendant fixtures, undercabinet lights, or a chandelier.
  • Place lights on dimmer switches

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