How Much Does These 3 Types Of Home Additions Cost?

home improvementThe DIY trends these days are expanding and one of the most exciting ways for homeowners to customize space is through home improvement projects. TV shows make it seem like it is very simple to send in your general contractor and give your home a much needed makeover. The truth is typically a much messier picture until the project is completed. Think about the overall investment as well as the possible budget overruns because of a problem or a new concept you come across during the project.

The initial step in any home improvement project is defining the scope of the project. Are you trying to gain more living space by constructing a home addition? Maybe you would like to add a bathroom, close in on a garage, or perhaps work on a different area of your house. Every one of these projects could be fraught with hidden expenses that could throw your timeline and budget into a tailspin.

Home Renovation #1: Room Addition

Be specific when you determine what you would like to achieve so that your designer or contractor will have a good understanding of your project and give you a more accurate quote. Based on where you live, you could usually recoup a good amount of money on the home remodeling investment.

Home Renovation #2: Re-purposing A Garage

Closing in and cleaning out your garage is just the first step. Converting or renovating it will set you back for at least $10,000. However, you can gain a nice space for your crafts or relaxation. Recouping your investment could be straightforward as you can add this square footage to your house when you have heating and air conditioning included to the space that can be used.

Home Renovation #3: Adding or Expanding A Bathroom

There is a huge difference between adding a bathroom, closing in a garage, and updating a basement. The projects could appear like they are about the same scope but do not be fooled. Adding plumbing to a certain area could make a huge difference to the cost. You have to think about where the pipes are currently located in relation to the new bathroom that you want to have, if there is a need to re-plumb a part of the home to reroute the septic or the water, the age of your home, and the possibility of finding poor wiring or damage within the walls.

You Need To Compromise

Any kind of home improvement project will require you to compromise unless money is not a problem. This might mean limiting the size of the upgrade or reducing the fixtures, you should expect at least one trade off. Labor cost and time of the year can throw off your budget or planning. Begin with your ideal home improvement project and then start looking for places where you can cut back.

Consider Resale Options

Almost all homes changes hands at a certain point in time. A home’s resale value can decrease if the changes made to it are less appealing to possible buyers. If you make any alterations that is not popular in your area, such as reducing the number of bathrooms or bedrooms to create a larger space, it might be more difficult to sell later on. That does not mean you should not take your existing needs into account, just that it is a good idea to reconsider what a home remodeling will do to the value of your home down the road.

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