Tips For Evaluating Your House For A Garage Addition

garage additionPerhaps you are one of the many homeowners who are  tired of getting soaked as you make a run to your car during stormy days. Or maybe you dream of having more space that you can use for a home gym, workshop, storage, home office, or kid’s play area. Before you start a garage addition project, you have to consider a few important things and come up with some crucial decisions.

Zoning and Code Restrictions

The first thing you need to do once you have decided to start a garage addition Myrtle Beach project is to find out if it is physically possible to fit a new garage on your lot. Check with your local planning department and find out how close you could build to the edges of your property. Don’t forget to ask if there are any restrictions that are applicable to garages; a few communities need deeper setbacks on the sides with doors, for instance.

Local rules may also influence the driveway design, roof or wall height, as well as the percentage or total amount of your property you can cover with roofs, pavement, and other impervious surfaces. Most of the time, builders and architects are always on top of such requirements, as well as lumberyards that offer packages featuring garage plans and materials.

Freestanding or Attached

One of the biggest decision you have to make is to determine whether you want to attach the new garage to your house or make it as a separate structure. If you are looking for a cheaper and more convenient option, then you should go with an attached garage. You save footsteps, stay dry, and you can use a part of it as your pantry, laundry area, mudroom, and other house extensions. If you are concerned about security, then having an attached garage allows you to simply tap an opener and you can just drive right through in without having to set foot outside your house just to get to your car. However, a detached garage also offers several advantages. A separate garage will keep away exhaust fumes, noise, and dust away from your home.

Access and Traffic Flow

In case you are adding a garage as part of your home remodel, you likewise need a driveway. Older houses usually have narrow side yard driveways at about 8 feet. In much newer areas, driveways that accommodate single cars have a width of at least 10 feet. Some reach up to 14 feet if there are obstructions on each side that could possibly scrape with a car door that’s open.

If you are planning to park infront of the garage, you need at least 20 feet between the garage door and the sidewalk. Although you are not required to have a turnaround area, you should still consider including one in your plan.

Relationship To The House

A garage must look as if it is an accessory to your home instead of dwarfing it or turning it into what people refer to as a snout house. Where all you can see is the front part of the garage door. It is way easier to get the scale correctly when you construct a detached garage. However, if you need to add a huge garage into a small sized home, there are some ways to minimize its visual impact. For example, you can make the garage look less dominant by setting the front farther back than the home’s main entrance. You should also consider adding the garage door to the side and place the windows as well as other house like details on the front wall.

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