Tips On How To Get Your Contractor To Do Their Best

home remodel contractorIt’s a known fact that if you want to get something done – particularly when it comes to dealing with your home remodel contractor – you have to actively participate in the project. Although gaining some autonomy on your project is one of the reasons why you hired a contractor, you shouldn’t solely rely on them to complete the project. This is especially the case if the project is your own home. It may not often happen that the project fails if you don’t have constant communication with your contractor, but these things do happen and you should avoid it at all costs. Here are a few things that you should do to get the best performance from your contractor and construction team:


Eliminate allowances entirely

One thing that you should avoid is having allowances. If you’re not too familiar with allowances, this is the budget that your home remodel contractor Myrtle Beach will place on items that you haven’t decided on yet like your plumbing. Always do research beforehand. This will eliminate any inconsistencies with pricing and will help you keep on track with your budget.


Keep good constant communication

It’s important to always communicate with your contractor and keep things in line at all times. Always have the phone numbers of important personal handy. Keep in touch with your project manager, foreman, and etc. Be on the site to inspect their work first thing in the morning.

Make a project journal

Having a journal will not only remind you of what needs to be done but it will also give you a clear idea of the entire project’s timeline. Always record the progress made, note the things you need to ask your contractor and note upcoming delivery dates. It may sound redundant at times, but a journal will always come in handy.


All changes must be written on paper

If in case you want some changes or need some structural alterations, you should always have it in writing. If you and your contractor agree on a particular change to the construction, you should have it on paper. This is important in case your project goes unexpectedly in the wrong direction. Not only will it serve as a formality but as a piece of insurance as well.


Check the work constantly

Part of being on site is being able to check the work on a constant basis. This will let you in on the progress of the entire construction and give you a clear picture of how your home remodel project is taking shape. You’d also be able to check if things are going in line with the plan.


Only pay for work done

At the beginning of the project, come to an agreement with your contractor that you’ll only be paying for completed work. This will keep you away from the hassle of already spending money for work that’s yet to be done. It’s always best to pay for something that’s already there than what’s yet to materialize.


Don’t be a drag, be a good customer

If your contractor is doing their part well, do the same. Don’t be a slouch at handing out commendations. Compliments go a long way all the time.


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