The Ultimate Guide To Planning Home Improvements

home improvementsStarting home improvements could be overwhelming especially if you have done one before and you were unable, for some reason, to complete it. Regardless of the project, the renovation will most likely involve several details that could easily make everything seem more daunting. Use the steps provided below when planning your home remodel. These will help you in ordering, prioritizing, and building a detailed home project plan that would not only make sure that you stay on your budget and on schedule but also reduce your stress level throughout the whole process.

Home Improvement Planning

Create a Detailed Project Plan

The first thing you have to do is to create a plan that will clearly state the objective of your home remodel. It should include designing inspiration as well as an outline of the job that needs to be completed. The project plan must include a list of your needs and wants for your home, sketches of your desired finished project, and project steps that need the help of a professional like Keystone General Contracting and those that don’t. You should create your project plan six to twelve months before you start the actual renovation.

Set A Budget

The next thing you have to do when planning home improvements Myrtle Beach is to set a budget. It must include the cost for building materials and permits, labor, decorations, as well as cosmetic touches. To create a budget, you have to determine how much you are willing to spend and finalize the financing. You should also set aside a minimum of 10% for unexpected costs. You should ask for cost estimates from experts and be sure to price out all of the materials you need. In case the cost estimates exceed your budget, go back to your home improvement plan. Determine and get rid of the elements that are at the bottom of your priority list.

Hire General Contractors

Next in your home improvement planning is hiring your team. Avoid choosing general contractors based on cost estimates only. When interviewing as well as choosing your general contractors, you have to consider their years of experience, contracting license, certificate of insurance, references, and payment schedule. Start looking for a general contractor three months before you begin your project.

Create a Timeline

After creating a budget and rounding up your team, the next thing you have to do is create a timeline. Choose your preferred date, or in case you are hoping to complete the project by a certain date, you should work backward from that specific date instead. Talk to your general contractors to know the length of time every portion of the project need in order for it to be accomplished. Identify which steps have to be done first, how long it will take to finish them, and which ones can be tackled at the same time.

Prepare and Pack Up

You need to prepare the space that will be renovated and be sure to make the needed plans to avoid using the area while it is under construction. The type of work that needs to be done will determine if you should or should not live in your house during the process.

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