5 Improvements For Your Next Bathroom Remodeling Project

bathroom remodelA bathroom remodel will boost the value of your home, update its style, and even makes it much better adapted to your needs. Renovations are the perfect time to introduce upgrades that will serve you as well as your family in the coming years. In case you are spending money for a bathroom remodel, you should consider at least one of these essential bathroom improvements.

The Toilet

When it comes to upgrading the toilet, you should consider getting the hidden tank toilet. It saves spaces, plus the low flow models can help save water whenever you flush. It is a good choice that can boost the value of your home following a bathroom remodel. They work well with different bathroom designs and they fit perfectly with contemporary and modern décors.

Tiles On Shower Floor

When you are taking on a bathroom remodel Myrtle Beach, you can choose from countless flooring, wall, as well as tile choices. The tiles on the shower floor is essential to the user’s safety. Small and textured shower tiles are highly recommended. You will also lessen the risk of slipping whenever the floor becomes wet and soapy with the help of texture and extra grouting. Many of today’s bathroom tiles are quite easy to clean and they are also resistant to stains, humidity, and mold.


You should also consider having a two inch plumbing. This may seem as if it is an invisible improvement but this change can make a huge difference in terms of your bathroom’s functionality. The regular bathroom plumbing is about 1.5 inches. This kind of plug is prone to clogging especially when several people are using the shower or bath. The price of installing a two inch drain is the same as installing a 1.5 inch one. However, the 0.5 inch difference will help improve the quality of your bathroom’s drainage.


When it comes to a home remodel, too many homeowners add a tub to their bathroom because they think that they should. However, a bathtub is not always required especially if you don’t take baths. Although the bathroom remodel can help you sell your house in the future, you must think about how you are going to use your bathroom in the coming years. In case you love baths, then you should go ahead and include a tub in your bathroom remodel. Of course, if you’ve got a huge bathroom, you can get a tub and a large shower without having problems with space. However, if you need to make a choice, always go with the option that is most functional.

Window In The Shower

Among the biggest enemies of any clean bathroom is humidity that is trapped due to insufficient or bad ventilation. Even though a bathroom fan can make a huge difference, natural ventilation will always be the best ventilation. By adding a window in the shower area, your bathroom will be less likely to have problems with mold and mildew. Don’t forget to discuss the type of window that is appropriate for the shower area with your contractor from Keystone General Contracting.

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