Kitchen Remodel Trade-Offs You Must Know

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Who wouldn’t want to have an unlimited budget for a kitchen remodel? But, most homeowners don’t and there’s nothing wrong with that. Compromises are part of the whole process, even for a homeowner who has a bottomless budget and wide area to work on.

The question is, how can you choose between two different options with varying benefits and drawbacks? The most important tool to have when making tough decisions is having a clear picture of your kitchen remodel goals. To clearly define what’s important to you, here are a few trade-offs that you and your general contractor and kitchen designer will have to consider.

Kitchen Remodel Trade-Offs

Special Events Vs. Daily Use

This particular area of consideration has something to do with the number of people you want your kitchen to serve. From seats, dining table, to refrigerator storage, the number of people you would like to accommodate will have an effect on your design choices. You should not only consider how many people live in your house now but, if this will be your forever home, you should also consider how many people will live in it after 10 years. Additionally, how often do you receive visitors, host gatherings, and for how many people?

Cost Vs. Value

As you may have learned when you are considering a kitchen remodel Myrtle Beach, everything from appliances, to sinks, to cabinets come at different price points. So, how can you decide if it is worth to spend more for a high quality item and what it is best to choose the cheaper one? There are a few questions you need to ask.

Will this investment help improve your everyday life? Will the product deal with a pet peeve? Will buying this item make your house feel more like a home? Will the item help increase the value of your home?

In each one of these cases, you may choose that the feature’s cost for a brand new kitchen is worth it because of its offered value. You can get more clarity on what is worth the extra cash by framing your choices as value vs. cost, when it comes to your experiences in your kitchen as well as your home’s resale value.

Aesthetics Vs. Function

Generally, a kitchen design offers both function and beauty, however, when you only have limited funds, you may have to consider a trade off between aesthetics and functionality. In terms of function, it does not only mean the bells and whistles but also the layout of the kitchen and choosing if you would rather have two sinks instead of just one.

On the other hand, aesthetics are the costly yet beautiful finishes as well as personalized detailing that offer a high end look to the kitchen. In most cases, a budget could force you to make choices on the things that are important for you, the appearance or the functionality.

Patience Vs. Speed

Home improvement projects always take time and that is only part of the whole process. When the kitchen is demolished and the remodeling is ongoing, delays almost always pose difficulties especially if you are living in the house while the renovation is being done. If you are in that situation, you may be tempted to agree and say yes to everything just to get it done as soon as possible.

If you are making a huge financial investment that you have to live with for a long period of time, then you need to be patient. But if you are remodeling for a special event or maybe you are planning to sell your house and you would like quick facelift then speed would be a necessary evil.

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