Top 5 Spring Home Remodel Projects

home remodelSince the icy blanket of winter has melted, now comes the perfect time to make some home improvements or home remodel projects. In many parts of the U.S., warmer air is making way for spring and with the season comes the perfect time to make any minor to major upgrades to your home. Now that the snow and ice has melted away, you can do some home improvement projects that can not only give you a better home, but it could also boost its value. Here are the top 5 projects that you could do this spring:

Making roof repair a priority

While there are some easier areas to tackle, your roof is the one part you should never overlook and should always come first. It’s your home’s primary defense against the elements, so it is only fitting that you give ample attention to it and do any necessary repairs. Heavy snowfall could put a great deal of stress on your roof. Sometimes, the weight becomes too great that the structural integrity of your roof becomes compromised. It is always important to check for signs of wear and damage when the snow melts. Do remember, small repairs could be done by your average DIY’er, but bigger roof damage requires expert attention of general contractor.

Taking good care of the windows

Along with the doors that lead outside your home, windows too can take a beating from the harsh winter weather. Broken window panes can be easily handled by your everyday homeowner. This part isn’t too complicated to handle, but must be done with caution to avoid any unnecessary accidents. Pay close attention to your windows. Walk around your house and check all the windows to see if there are damages.

Checking the sidings

When temperatures drop below freezing, some areas of your home could get damaged and this includes your sidings. Check for any loose or warped pieces of sidings. If you’re using wooden sidings, you might want to consider the synthetic route. There are vinyl sidings available that not only boost your homes, value, they also make maintenance and cleanup a lot easier and they last longer too. It’s also one home improvement project that’s easy and gives your home a lot of value.

Repairing gutters of installing new ones

The gutters also takes a beating, when heavy snowfall hits your area. The sheer weight of the snow could cause some serious damage to your gutters. Not only will damaged gutters impede water flow, it will also make way for other damages if left un-repaired. When cleaning your roof, check the gutters and see if there are any loose areas. Also check the downspouts for blockages.

Upgrade your insulation

If you’ve felt that your heating system was on full blast and yet you felt cold during the winter, maybe it’s time for an insulation upgrade. Beefing up your insulation is a good way to reduce your electricity bill, as well as improve your home’s overall value. Remember, a properly maintained home sells better when the time comes you decide to put it in the market. Adding new insulation is also a mandatory part in every home remodel Myrtle Beach project.

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