How To Survive a Kitchen Remodel Project

kitchen remodelOne of the most rewarding home improvement projects you can do is a kitchen remodel. But it can also be an undertaking that’s extremely frustrating to endure.

Family life almost always focus on the kitchen. Living in a home without one will disrupt every aspect of life. Making any changes to what’s considered as the heart of a home needs a plan of how to endure the weeks and even up to several months of kitchen remodel ahead. The time allotted for this home renovation will depend on its scope. If it is a simple tear then it won’t last that long. But if it is a major redesign then you can expect for it to last for a few months.

A basic tear out will last between 4 to 6 weeks and you won’t have that much access to your kitchen. If it is going to be a significant kitchen renovation, you can expect to face a minimum of three months of disorder.

Tips To Survive A Kitchen Remodel

Set up a separate and temporary kitchen.

If possible, you should move your refrigerator to a different room in the house where you’ll have access to it. If not, you can get a small college fridge so you’ll have some place where you can keep your essentials. Another critical appliance that you should have is a spare microwave.

Find a place to eat.

Families usually eat their meals in the kitchen so you better think about how alternative living areas would serve at mealtimes. You can eat in your temporary kitchen, the place where you’ve set up your microwave and refrigerator.

Use disposable utensils and paper plates.

You will have to wash the dishes in your bathroom if you can’t access your kitchen. Instead of doing that, you can keep disposable paper plates and utensils. You should also consider keeping a sink hooked up on the main level during the whole process of upgrading your kitchen.

Consider the cost of eating out on your renovation budget.

Determine how much your family spends on eating out. Multiply the amount by the number of meals in a day and weeks the project would last so you will have a good idea of how fast this expense can increase. You should also take into account prepackaged meals, carryout, and family or friends who may invite you to eat at their home.

Prepare for dust and noise.

A kitchen remodel Myrtle Beach is a disruptive, messy, and expensive project. You should expect to see a mess every day. There are times when the mess is tolerable, but there are also instances when the dust and noise can make you lose your cool.

Consider your pets.

Your pets will also be affected once the project gets underway. You should consider having them kennelled or taken care of by a friend or relative.

Get designs plans in advance.

If your project involves moving walls, you need to talk to your architect before starting a project. Consider how the kitchen will work in a functional level. Take into account where your current kitchen appliances and items are placed and how they’ll fit in your new kitchen. A basic sketch could deal with flow issues that might come up in a kitchen. The design should consider the social as well as the storage needs. So be sure to hire skilled labor during the sketching stage so they could inform you about potential and costly pitfalls in the kitchen design.

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