Top Kitchen Remodeling Trends For 2019

Kitchen remodelIf a kitchen remodel is on your list of home improvements this year, you might consider not rushing things. There are new trends coming out that might be well-suited for your home. If you’re looking for long-term solutions, you don’t need to worry. These trends offer long-term value for your kitchen. Some of the trends in the list often incorporate both functionality and beauty without any tradeoffs.


A lot of the baby boomers this year are looking for a more functional kitchen where they would be comfortable growing old in. The changes made to the kitchen would potentially increase the resale value of the home as well as boosting its functionality. Included in the list of renovations is putting in a new lowered counter, cabinet lighting for ease of use, an oven with a French door, as well as widening the walkway for easier access and wheelchair use in the future. Although it seems to involve a lot of major changes, none of the improvements sacrifice aesthetics in any way. These are great additions to any kitchen remodel Myrtle Beach project you might have.

Quartz countertops

As granite countertops’ popularity continue to decline, Quartz countertops are getting more attention. Engineered quartz is gaining popularity fairly quickly and there’s a reason why. While natural stone materials edge out engineered quartz in beauty, it requires more maintenance to keep it in pristine condition. Also, engineered quartz is non-porous which gives it better longevity and easier cleanups.

Engineered flooring

Much like granite countertops, natural hardwood floors have also seen a decline in popularity. The main reason is cost. While both natural and engineered products provide premium aesthetics, it’s quite apparent that engineered flooring beats natural hardwoods in terms of cost. Vinyl and laminate are currently dominating the market due to its cost-effective nature.

Rising costs

While we all want to keep the costs down for any project, this year isn’t going to spare your budget from price spikes. It’s going to cost you more to remodel in 2019 and it is likely things will continue to go up in the coming years. The average cost of remodeling a kitchen this year would set you back $11,000 and $33,000 average cost for a major kitchen renovation. The reason for the increase in kitchen and home remodel costs include rising material costs, taxes, and shortage of skilled labor.

Hiring professionals for the job

Gone are the days of DIY – not applicable if you’re a contractor yourself – as 80% of kitchen renovators choose to hire a professional to take on the job for them. Kitchen remodelers as well as general contractors are among the favorites. One out of five homeowners hire a specialty provider for different areas of the kitchen. Baby boomers are among the group of individuals who opt to hire professionals. However, millennials are still opting to do the renovations themselves, relying on the internet for most of their construction know-how. According to surveys, millennials are also the most likely group of people who would go for such renovations.

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